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New Black Aprons in Ku-Ki-Do!

Last summer I awarded Green Ku-Ki-Do Aprons to Nathan and Kara – in the form of online photos. Apparently Nathan found a real one. Here are some of the pictures I’ve gotten since…

That’s the Little Clone Trooper that I used for 14 years before Darth Mixer came to reside on my counter. It makes my heart glad that the little guy is still turning out great cookies!

I love rows of Ku-Ki-Do balls! These ones look like chocolate chip.

Here we have snickerdoodles.

Perfect size.

Perfect shape. These look delicious.

White chocolate chip…my favorite breakfast cookie!

And, these piles are the final proof that the Little Clone Trooper is still going strong and that Nathan and Kara deserve Black Aprons in Ku-Ki-Do!

Congratulations, Nathan – here’s yours…

…and Kara here’s yours. (I just can’t see Kara in canvas!) She is so put together and dignified that I can hardly imagine her needing an apron at all, but she can sure bake…and not just cookies. Take a look at these apple pies!

And speaking of great cooks…that’s Xiao on the left. Trying to keep up with her cooking got this whole blogging idea started.

We miss you guys. Thanks for keeping our Pullman kids healthy with great cookies!

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  1. Kara #

    Thank you for taking the time to teach us how to make your fantastic cookies! We miss your family and think about you all every time we make a batch of cookies (which is quite often). Now it is our turn to share the delicious skill you taught us. Our neighbors have a pampered chef stone on the way! We are keeping Pullman “healthy” one cookie at a time. 🙂


    November 14, 2011

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