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Not-a-PBJ Update – #2-10

I am really not proud of this post, but for the sake of honesty you should know what I’ve been counting in the tally of alternatives to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches since I started this project in the first Not-a-PBJ post (Not-a-PBJ #1). Obviously, I’m not doing as well in the creativity department as I was hoping.

Let’s get a few of the ones without photos out of the way first.

Not-a-PBJ #2 – Top Ramen – I know, too much salt and minimal nutritional value, but we usually have fruit with it and one time they had had banana bread for a morning snack –

Not-a-PBJ #4 – Cheese sandwiches – toasted, or not – made to order. I’m very accommodating.

Not-a-PBJ #5 – Lipton Pasta Sides – Alfredo (It’s not a “side” when it’s for lunch!)

Not-a-PBJ #6 – Lipton Pasta Sides – Creamy Garlic Shells. These are not the same as #5. Notice the green verses blue on the package.

Not-a-PBJ #7 – Leftover Pizza – At least I warmed it in the oven and not the microwave.

Not-a-PBJ #8 Leftover taco filling and rice turned into burritos. I’m kind of proud of this one actually. Wrap ’em up in foil and bake them in the toaster oven and they’re crispy and yummy.

Not-a-PBJ #9 – Subway. Not in the budget for most days but the occasional indulgence is fun and the boys had just run three miles without griping so they were ready for a big lunch.

Not-a-PBJ #10 – Oven Hash Browns, which you will see in my next post. I’m going to throw it together quickly so that this embarrassing confession will not be sitting at the top of my blog for very long. The hash browns were actually for dinner while Ric was on a trip, but I am counting them because PBJ’s are indeed fair game for dinner when Dad is gone. In my mind I could count every meal that he’s on the road as an alternative to peanut butter and jelly, but then I might have to admit to a night or two of cold cereal, so I’m being selective.

Now, I’m once again resolving to be more creative with lunches so that I can wow you with my food bloggerness. Please don’t hold your breath though.

Lunch-a-Dilla “Not-a-PBJ” #1

Lunch again? How can it be?
The boys are staring holes in me!

Swiftly I grab for P.B.J.
And, hear them say, “Please, not today!”

I rack my brain for lunch ideas
Alas, I hit on quesadillas!

The boys are homeschooled, which means they’re at my mercy for weekday lunches. They think that’s a good thing, only because I tell sad tales about sack lunches in lockers and I’m not above crafting horror stories of cafeteria food while I’m presenting them with yet another… PBJ.

But, my guys have had it up to their eyeballs with peanut butter and jam!

So, I’m trying to be more creative. They think if I post lunches on this blog I will wow them with variety. Maybe they’re right. We’ll see how high the numbers go in the “Not a PBJ” series. If you’re actually reading this, keep in mind that I’m in the market for ideas and feel free to comment!

These are no culinary masterpieces – not really even deserving of a name, much less a corny poem, but at least they aren’t PBJ-s.

Ingredients: Tortillas, shredded cheese and chopped chicken (left over from the two rotisserie chickens that ended up in pot pie and enchiladas)

Bake at 350 degrees for about 12 minutes. Cut into wedges with a pizza cutter. Serve with salsa and/or sour cream.

Satisfied Customer