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Cookie Philosophy 101

Before even discussing methods or ingredients I need to get a few things on the counter.

Cookies are not supposed to be health food. I’ve tried that deviant approach on my children and it just isn’t pretty.

Cookies ARE good for you – on a level that doesn’t necessarily relate to body
topography. Moderating the number eaten is the key to calorie control.  Compromising on the ingredients you dump into the mixing bowl to lower calorie count is the path to mediocrity and self-deception which leads to overeating of stuff that isn’t worth what it’s going to do to your waist line. So, take a deep breath, break out the butter and do it right. Think: excellence with self control…or just spend some extra time in the gym. Good cookies are worth it.

BIG cookies are better. They just are. Less scooping, fewer trips in and out of the
oven, better overall shape and texture. In a big cookie, there’s room for a soft center and crispy edges, not to mention that saying you ate two sounds a whole lot better than confessing to the consumption of six or eight.

BIG batches are better. If you’re going to all the trouble of mixing and measuring, why not have something to show for the effort, which leads me to the next critical truth about cookies.

Cookies are supposed to be shared. Nothing else that comes out of your kitchen is so easy to divide up and hand out! With a big batch you can feed crowds or take generous plates to your neighbors and still have a reasonable number for your own family. If you play it right, you only eat 2 or 3 out of each batch yourself –
hot and fresh, (with the possible addition of one eaten in the form of dough) and you don’t compromise the landscape of your own hips with leftover dozens.

Okay, with that out of the way, we’re ready to begin equipment
and methods…